Security services at University Circle are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Security officers are present to assist visitors, monitor access, and prevent solicitors from entering the building.

You may telephone the central security room directly for Emergency and Non Emergency issues. You may also contact the Management Office to provide a radio dispatch.

Contact Security and/or the Management Office if:

  • An emergency occurs. If the emergency is medical in nature, Dial 911. Notify the Management Office as well and we will direct Security Officers to assist medical technicians with parking and dedicated elevator service.
  • You observe unusual activity or suspicious people around your suite.
  • A solicitor enters your office and tries to sell you something.
  • A crime is committed.

Alarm Systems

If you are considering the installation of an alarm system for your suite, please contact the Management Office. Special arrangements regarding janitorial and emergency access will be required.

Security Responsibility

While our Security Staff is available to respond to emergencies, their primary function is to protect the building. We cannot be responsible for the security of your property and furnishings. Although the presence of security personnel may deter theft and vandalism, Security Officers do not have the authority to apprehend and arrest suspects.

After Hours Emergency Contact Information

In case of after hours emergency, the staff at University Circle can be reached by calling the Management Office or the 24 hour central security control room.