Janitorial Service

Nightly Janitorial Service

Nightly janitorial services are provided at University Circle Monday through Friday evenings. Routine cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming, emptying wastebaskets and damp-mopping your kitchen area. In addition, all restrooms and common areas are cleaned and stocked each night. Additional cleaning services are provided on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. If you discover that an area in your suite has been overlooked please advise the Management Office so that we can ensure better service for you in the future.

Day Porters

Accidents happen to everyone. If something spills in your Suite that requires immediate attention, please notify the Management Office. We can dispatch a Day Porter to assist you.

Carpet Cleaning

Please call the Management Office to bring “carpet spots” to our attention so that the nightly cleaning crew can treat them. If you would like to have your entire carpet shampooed, an additional charge will be determined and submitted for your approval prior to the rendering of the service.

Window Cleaning

Interior windows and exterior window washing are cleaned on a semi-annual basis. The Management Office can provide you with current scheduling information upon request. In the event of a conflict with the weather, we will reschedule.

Trash Disposal

Never place any object near, against, or on top of trash receptacles if the material is not intended for disposal. As the building utilizes an on-site trash compactor, any disposed material will most likely be damaged.

Never leave items near the freight elevator to await disposal. Such items may be unsightly for other Tenants and may block access to restroom areas and constitute a fire hazard.

If you will be disposing of “unusual” items that will not fit into a standard trash receptacle, clearly mark the items for disposal and place them in a logical area.

Your firm can be provided with large trash dumpsters for those occasional “spring cleaning” events. Contact the Management Office for specific pricing information.

Annual memorandums will be distributed relative to holiday tree disposal.