Access Cards

Access cards will be issued that will provide building entry after hours and during building recognized holidays. Initial cards at move-in will be at no cost to you.

Below is a list of guidelines and rules that should be followed for building access cards:

  1. If you should require additional or replacement cards, we ask that you complete a Card Access Form which needs to be signed by the Tenant Administrator and returned to the Management Office. There will be a $25.00 fee for any replaced access cards.
  2. All employees should be instructed not to lend their card to others, and to keep the card in a safe place.
  3. Should an employee be terminated or leave the company and not return their card, please provide written notice of the card number to our office so that we may terminate access to the Building.
  4. Should you wish to transfer a card from one employee to another employee, please notify the Management Office in writing.
  5. Although the system has a record of card numbers and holders, we strongly recommend that each tenant maintain a record of employee names and card numbers for your files.
  6. Upon move-out, all access cards must be immediately turned in to the Management Office.

The card access system is a “proximity system.” This means that you only need to hold the card in close proximity to the reader in order for the card to be recognized by the system. The card reader is located next to the main lobby entrance and throughout your building in the elevators and other areas. This is an extremely reliable system, but should you have any problems with your card please contact the Management Office.

You will need to make accommodations for visitor access after business hours. The building doors are closed after hours and are only accessible with an access card.