Emergency Procedures

University Circle has developed Fire and Life Safety Emergency Procedures as a guide to understanding the life safety systems and procedures pertaining to the building.

Please ensure that all occupants are familiar with the Fire and Life Safety Emergency Procedures. Each Tenant is required to provide the Management Office with its own emergency team response information by utilizing the Emergency Response Information form. We are required to have this information on file for inspection by the local fire department upon request.

The building staff conducts an annual fire drill. We are also required to conduct annual training for all Emergency Team members. Tenants will be provided with advance notification of the scheduled classes and drills.


Testing of the building’s life safety system equipment is conducted on a quarterly basis for your safety. Whenever possible, the Management Office will notify tenants in advance of the testing dates. Audible announcements will be provided prior to each actual test. In the event of an actual emergency during this testing process you will be notified via the public address system.