Mail Service

Incoming Mail

Incoming Mail is delivered by the Postal Service directly to your assigned mailbox. The mailroom is located in the Main Lobby of Building 1900. If you have problems with your mail relating to delivered material or delivery times, you will need to call the Post Office directly. The Postal Station numbers for service to this area are (650) 321-1423 or 1-800-ASK-USPS.

Please note that our Security Officers are not authorized to sign for any deliveries in your absence.

Outgoing Mail

An outgoing mail depository is located in the Main Lobby of Building 1900. The Post Office projects one morning pick up and one afternoon pickup, based on route scheduling of the postal service.

Express Mail Services

There is one UPS drop box located on the First Floor of Building 1900 in the corridor adjacent to the Men’s Restroom.