Energy Conservation

Use Energy Responsibly

Your assistance toward our goal of conserving energy is important. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits of energy conservation, your efforts will result in lower building operating costs.

  • Please turn your office lights off whenever you leave your office for a period of more than thirty minutes.
  • Turn off computer equipment when not in use.
  • Electricity consumed by lighting fixtures is the second highest component of our buildings’ total energy consumption (following HVAC-related use). Do not leave lighting turned on when departing your office for the evening.
  • Turn off appliances and machinery such as coffee-warmers, typewriters, and coffee pots when not in use.
  • Control your window coverings to maintain your office temperature. Close draperies/blinds during periods of direct sunlight and when departing your office for the evening. Your office will remain more comfortable, particularly after a weekend, if you use your draperies/blinds to insulate/screen the window area.